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May 2017 - Video Blog Newsletter Summary

May 2017 - Video Blog Newsletter Summary

MAY 2017 - Video Blog Newsletter Summary

This May I celebrated World Fair Trade Day 2017 with ladies at the Dubai Business Women Council and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop 'Thursday Night at the ER.'

My photograph was included in the Kindness.org community photo mosaic and I attended Beauty World Middle East.

I cried and prayed for the victims of the Manchester and London attacks.

Participated in live webinar with the World Pulse team.

I am grateful The Little Fair Trade Shop was featured in My Bayut website.

I welcomed Ramadan 2017 and continued my course of iron transfusions.



Sabeena Ahmed and Jillian Gay at TGI Friday's, Dubai Mall, Dubai UAE - Acts of kindness with Kindness.org

Me with Jillian Gay

A kinder world begins with ALL of us. 

The Kindess.org team are a small nonprofit with big ambitions.

They work from London, New York, and beyond to work hard to answer the question.

How would our world transform if each of us put kindness front and center in our lives?

Kindess.org are a digital platform designed to reach across oceans and time zones to inspire small ripples of everyday compassion. They listen to the community and combine scientific curiosity with a willingness to nimbly put new ideas into practice. 

They believe that together, ripples of kindness can create massive waves of change.

Earlier this year the Kindness.org team asked members to forward their photographs. I sent mine.

Here is the international kindness community mosaic.

Kindness.org kindness community photo mosiac featuring The Little Fair Trade Shop - May 2017

Kind faces from the Kindness.org community

To read my act of kindness please click here.


All around us.

Impact and measurable.

Infinite, with imagination.

Serious, and seriously fun.

Sometimes surprising.

A choice for everyone.

What does kindness mean to you? Drop me a line.



I've been absent on social media recently and you may be wondering why?

For as long as I can remember I've always had issues with fatigue.

As a teenager I remember there would be days I would be gasping for air, feeing weak and tired, experience numbness in my fingers and toes, have poor circulation and hair fall. 

In my mid twenties I had a awful turn while walking to work one morning, my legs and body did not want to cooperate with my brain and refused to move. I vividly remember my body stopped working. I watched everyone walked past. It was like an eerie nightmare.

Somehow, I managed to get to work and my line manager who was thankfully a first aider. I was grateful she drove me home.

I was diagnosed with beta thalassaemia minor when I was 24 at the Manchester Sickle Cell and Beta thalassemia Clinic, Manchester, UK.

The doctor prescribed ferrous sulphate tablets which weren't effective and I eventually turned to a diet that contained more rich iron content.

I have learnt to live with my condition, however, since January 2017 it has been a challenge and an immense pain and distraction. I have required a course of 4 iron transfusions maybe more if my iron levels don't improve.

Iron transfusion for beta thalassemia minor - Sabeena Ahmed The Little Fair Trade Shop June 2017 

Iron transfusion at the Dubai London Clinic

Many thanks to my GP Dr Akhtar and the nurses at the Dubai London Clinic for looking after me during my treatment.

What is Beta thalassemia minor?

Thalassemias are a group of blood disorders that affect the way the body makes hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body. It's made up of alpha globin and beta globin.

Beta thalassaemia minor is an genetically inherited blood disorder and when the body has problems producing beta and globin.

Carrier/s or parents, in this case my mother passed the disorder down to me and my siblings.

With thalassemia, the red blood cells are destroyed at a faster rate, leading to anemia, a condition that can cause fatigue and other complications. Hence, the lack of energy and feeling tired all the time.

I recently watched an informative video by a lady called Melody and thought I'd share it with you below.


Melody DeForge's video about Beta Thalassemia Minor

I hope to record a video about Beta Thalassemia minor in the future.

Many thanks to Melody for explaining beta thalassemia minor and sharing her story.

If you are a beta thalassemia minor patient and would like to talk and share experiences please don't hesitate to get in touch.



This years World Fair Trade Organization campaign was 'Agent For Change' Human Chains for Fair Trade and the Planet.

I am very grateful to the ladies at the Dubai Business Women Council who graciously modelled posters for me.

 Agent for Change badges - World Fair Trade Day 2017 by Helen Barlow Scott of the One Line Design Studio

 Agent for Change badges

 Agents for Change - World Fair Trade Day, Dubai, UAE - May 2017 with The Little Fair Trade Shop

Beautiful Agents for Change in Dubai and the UAE

 Agents for Change Nasheeda and Haim - World Fair Trade Day, Dubai, UAE - May 2017 with The Little Fair Trade Shop

Amazing Agents for Change in Dubai, UAE

 Agents for Change Ms X, Shika and Elrona - World Fair Trade Day, Dubai, UAE - May 2017 with The Little Fair Trade Shop

Wonderful Agents for Change celebrating

World Fair Trade Day 2017, Dubai, UAE


 Sabeena Ahmed The Little Fair Trade Shop Agent For Change - World Fair Trade Day, Dubai, UAE (May 2017)

Agent For Change at Jumeriah Beach, Dubai, UAE


Agents for Change - World Fair Trade Day, Dubai, UAE - May 2017 with The Little Fair Trade Shop

 Agent for Change Sabeena Ahmed of The Little Fair Trade Shop


Agents for Change at the iconic Burj Al Arab - World Fair Trade Day, Dubai, UAE - May 2017 with The Little Fair Trade Shop

 World Fair Trade Day 2017 near the iconic Burj Al Arab

Click here to read my blog about World Fair Trade Day in Dubai.



I participated in a workshop Thursday Night at the ER organised by CCM Consultancy Dubai and the Dubai Business Women Council.

 Thursday Night at the ER with CCM Consultancy Dubai, UAE at the Dubai Business Women Council - May 2017

Mr Edward Matti, Managing Partner and Board Director

of CCM Consultancy and participants

 Thursday Night at the ER with CCM Consultancy Dubai, UAE at the Dubai Business Women Council - May 2017

The 'Friday Night at the ER' board game


The workshop and board game was an introduction to team building emphasising to need to improve communication skills and decision making between departments, risk assessment, utilise assets and resources, control finance and maintain or enhance quality controls.

We were instructed to choose a department to control.

I was surgery.

Thursday Night at the ER with CCM Consultancy Dubai, UAE at the Dubai Business Women Council - May 2017

Surgery department


There were approximately 20 ladies who attended this session and we were divided into 5 groups.


The whole room and other groups video here


I particularly enjoyed working with the ladies in my group.

Two team members Elrona and Mobina thought of our dynamic title and named us  'HEAL CREEK' quite a befitting name considering we were near to the beautiful Dubai Creek.

I personally feel the purpose of the game was to effectively communicate with one another in our case each department and work to solve problems and create innovate solutions.

 Heal Creek Hospital team members at Thursday Night at the ER with CCM Consultancy Dubai, UAE at the Dubai Business Women Council - May 2017

My lovely team members

L-R Me, Hana, Shikha,  Elrona and Mobina

WE all shared many common traits, i.e. compassion, empathy and listened to each others needs.

It was wonderful to work with women who genuinely cared for one another.

WE achieved third place and pleased we achieved the best quality control figures.

Thursday Night at the ER final results with CCM Consultancy Dubai, UAE at the Dubai Business Women Council - May 2017

Photograph of the results board



I decided to visit Beauty World Middle East's for the first time and approached Hall 8 which consisted of Natural and Vegan products.

As a mature consumer I have tolerated bad acne and sensitive reactive skin for over 20 years. I was intrigued to learn about other organic vegan cruelty free brands that didn't contain parabens, phtates sulphates and that could possibly tailor for my skin.

It was my first visit and the registration process and to put it mildly it was a bit of a shambles and a scene I wish to forget.

I had registered twice online held hard copies of my tickets but was still asked to fill out another registration form at the entrance while sweaty men pushed passed me. Severe lack of etiquette and manners.

I felt uncomfortable and didn't understand their odd behaviour. The stewards were simply overwhelmed and did what they could to control the mass hysteria to enter the conference halls.

Once inside hall 8 it became apparent that not all the brands listed in the brochure were organic or vegan, however, I pursued and visited stands to enquire about product ingredients and chemicals.

I decided it would unwise to take photographs of the event in case of social media violations.

Beauty World Middle East Bag May 2017 visited by The Little Fair Trade Shop

Beauty World Bag


 Beauty World Middle East Brochure Natural Organic page visited May 2017 by The Little Fair Trade Shop

Natural and Organic Exhibitors


Beauty World Middle East brochure Natural and Organic section May 2017 visited by The Little Fair Trade Shop

Beauty World Brochure


Samples of organic products at Beauty World Middle East, Dubai. UAE visited May 2017 

Organic creams and products produced in Italy


 Sample of an organic soap presented at the Beauty World Middle East, Dubai, UAE visited May 2017

An organic soap produced in Bali


 Samples of organic products received with thanks at the Beauty World Middle East, Dubai, UAE visited May 2017

More organic products from Russia


It was a tiring experience and I hope to visit more organic and vegan producers next time.

I haven't used or tried any of the above products to be honest I'm frightened I may have a horrible reaction and contra indication.



Monday 22nd May 2017 will be another tragic day I never forget.

22 innocent lives were lost and I was overcome with grief and so was the rest of the world.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to the families and their friends of the Manchester and London attacks who have lost a loved one. My thoughts are prayers will be with you forever.

I still can't believe that this heinous act was committed in my home city.

As a proud Mancunian I can only echo the thoughts and prayers of thousands of Manchester residents.



I would like to praise all the selfless people of Manchester for their kindness, love and compassion through this terrible grieving period.

I have attached a beautiful poem by Mr Tony Walsh aka @LongfellowPoet who expressed the mood and sentiments of all Mancunians home and abroad.

Love peace and blessings from Dubai!




'THIS IS THE PLACE' featuring awesome Mancunians

You can see my friend Joyce Metz at 3 minutes and 6 seconds.



 This is the place

By Tony Walsh aka Longfellow Poet



This is the place in the North West of England

It's ace, it's the best and the songs we sing

From the stands, from our bands we set the whole world shaking

Our inventions are legends! There is nowt we can't make and


So we make brilliant music, we make brilliant bands

We make goals that make souls leap in the stands

And we make things from steel

And we make things from cotton

And we make people laugh, take the mick summat rotten


And we make you at home

And we make you feel welcome and we make summat happen

And we can’t seem to help it

And if you’re looking from history, then yeah we’ve a wealth

But the Manchester way is to make it yourself.


And make us a record, a new number one

And make us a brew while you’re up, love, go on

And make us feel proud that you’re winning the league

And make us sing louder and make us believe that this is the place that has helped shape the world


And this is the place where a Manchester girl named Emmeline Pankhurst from the streets of Moss Side led a suffragette city with sisterhood pride

And this is the place with appliance of science, we’re on it, atomic, we struck with defiance, and in the face of a challenge, we always stand tall, Mancunians, in union, delivered it all

Such as housing and libraries and health, education and unions and co-ops and first railway stations

So we’re sorry, bear with us, we invented commuters. But we hope you forgive us, we invented computers.


And this is the place Henry Royce strolled with Rolls, and we’ve rocked and we’ve rolled with our own northern soul

And so this is the place to do business then dance, where go-getters and goal-setters know they’ve a chance

And this is the place where we first played as kids.

And me mum, lived and died here, she loved it, she did.


And this is the place where our folks came to work, where they struggled in puddles, they hurt in the dirt and they built us a city,

they built us these towns and they coughed on the cobbles to the deafening sound to the steaming machines and the screaming of slaves, they were scheming for greatness, they dreamed to their graves.

And they left us a spirit. They left us a vibe.

That Mancunian way to survive and to thrive and to work and to build, to connect, and create and Greater Manchester’s greatness is keeping it great.


And so this is the place now with kids of our own. Some are born here, some drawn here, but they all call it home.

And they’ve covered the cobbles, but they’ll never defeat, all the dreamers and schemers who still teem through these streets.

Because this is a place that has been through some hard times: oppressions, recessions, depressions, and dark times.

But we keep fighting back with Greater Manchester spirit. Northern grit, Northern wit, and Greater Manchester’s lyrics.


And these hard times again, in these streets of our city, but we won’t take defeat and we don’t want your pity.

Because this is a place where we stand strong together, with a smile on our face, greater Manchester forever.

And we’ve got this place where a team with a dream can get funding and something to help with a scheme.

Because this is a place that understands your grand plans.


We don’t do “no can do” we just stress “yes we can”

Forever Manchester’s a charity for people round here, you can fundraise, donate, you can be a volunteer.

You can live local, give local, we can honestly say, we do charity different, that Mancunian way.


And we fund local kids, and we fund local teams.

We support local dreamers to work for their dreams.

We support local groups and the great work they do.

So can you help us. help local people like you?

Because this is the place in our hearts, in our homes, because this is the place that’s a part of our bones.

Because Greater Manchester gives us such strength from the fact that this is the place, we should give something back.


Always remember, never forget, forever Manchester.


I love Manchester in memory of the 22 victims and their families may they rest in peace.



I was asked by the World Pulse team in Portland Oregon to evaluate 5 candidates and select two for the Impact Leader Programme.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the candidates applications and watched their videos.

It was a difficult process and I continued to advocate for two of the ladies during the online meeting with World Pulse Training Coordinator Maya Munoz-Tubon.

If you would like to read about the all the applicants please click on their links below and support them any way that you can.

I've attached a link to my vblog Girls Compete, Women Empower and Great Minds Inspire.

I would invite you to support their initiatives and causes by sharing their work, donating or volunteering your time to assist them.

World Pulse Change Maker - Ms Joanna Smiejka Autistic Spectrum Educator and Therapist, Warsaw Poland

My World Pulse Change Maker - Ms Joanna Smeijka

Autistic Spectrum Educator and Therapist

Thank you for empowering all these inspirational World Pulse Change Makers.



Many thanks to the My Bayut.com website for featuring The Little Fair Trade Shop in 'bring an iftar gift that keeps on giving.'

The Little Fair Trade Shop featured in My Bayut.com - May 2017


The Little Fair Trade Shop featured in My Bayut.com - May 2017

I did write to the My Bayut team to ask for a backlink but haven't heard from them.

Hopefully, I'll hear from them soon.



Happy Ramadan Banner using recycled paper loving made by The Little Fair Trade Shop June 2016

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy,

healthy and beautiful Ramadan.





 Ramadan Mubarak 2017 Week 2

Ramadan Around the world for children book - Ramadan in the UAE

 Ramadan Mubarak from the UAE!


Islam and Fairtrade booklet produced by the Fairtrade Foundation London

 Peace and blessings to all fairtrade producers, artisans, friends and family during this blessed month.


Fairtrade Ramadan Childrens books purchased by The Little Fair Trade Shop May 2017


Ramadan Mubarak Week 1

 Ramadan Mubarak Day 1 - Iftar May 2017 eaten by The Little Fair Trade Shop, Dubai, UAE

A healthier iftar


Ramadan Mubarak Day 1 - Iftar May 2017 eaten by The Little Fair Trade Shop, Dubai, UAE

Iftar for two


Fasting and Ramadan Books for children by The Little Fair Trade Shop May 2017

Fasting and Children's Ramadan books


This is my second Ramadan without my parents. I miss them dearly.

The Nobel Quran Al Shuura recited May 2017 by The Little Fair Trade Shop for her parents

I will be spending most of my time reciting the Noble Quran and praying for my loved ones

For those who would like to learn more about Ramadan please watch the following videos.

 A Very British Ramadan



If this is my last Ramadan than let me spend all my time performing good deeds and praying for forgiveness for myself, my dearest parents and my loved ones.

May my fasts be accepted, my transgressions and sins be erased and may I have the strength and patience to continue to raise awareness for fairtrade producers, social, environmental and trade justice around the world, Aameen!

Many thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.

Thank you for supporting fairtrade and ethical producers wherever you live.

Here's to living a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

Warmest regards

Peace and blessings!



Further Reading and Links

Beta Thalassaemia

World Fair Trade Day

Dubai Business Women Council

CCM Consultancy Dubai, UAE

Muslims For Manchester

Poet Tony Walsh aka Longfella

Beauty World Middle East

World Pulse

My Bayut




Also in The Little Fair Trade Blog

World Fair Trade Day 2024, ۲۰۲۴ ورلڈ فیئر ٹریڈ ڈے with Sabeena Z Ahmed
World Fair Trade Day 2024, ۲۰۲۴ ورلڈ فیئر ٹریڈ ڈے with Sabeena Z Ahmed

This year the World Fair Trade Day was observed on the 11th May 2024.

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) theme was ''Business Revolution.''

This year I was unable to record a video in English or Urdu but did manage to handwrite a poster in English and Urdu.

Translation in Urdu

اس سال عالمی منصفانہ تجارت کا دن 11 مئی 2024 کو منایا گیا۔

ورلڈ فیئر ٹریڈ آرگنائزیشن (WFTO) کا تھیم ''بزنس ریوولوٹن'' تھا۔

اس سال میں انگریزی یا اردو میں ویڈیو ریکارڈ  نہیں کر سکی لیکن انگریزی اور اردو میں پوسٹر ہاتھ سے لکھنے میں کامیاب رہی۔


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World Cancer Day 2024 ورلڈ کینسر ڈے (Engish and Urdu) with Sabeena Z Ahmed
World Cancer Day 2024 ورلڈ کینسر ڈے (Engish and Urdu) with Sabeena Z Ahmed

This World Cancer Day 2024 I  hand wrote the poster in Urdu and English and posted it to my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles.

I attended a sisters only art therapy workshop with my sister Irem, this workshop was organised by The Muslim Bereavement Support Service.

Due to my own going shoulder issues I have struggled with my right shoulder to type this blog has been painful to type.

اس ورلڈ کینسر ڈے 2024 میں میں نے ہاتھ سے پوسٹر اردو اور انگریزی میں لکھا اور اسے اپنے X، Facebook اور LinkedIn پروفائلز پر پوسٹ کیا۔

میں نے اپنی بہن ارم کے ساتھ ایک سسٹرس اونلی آرٹ تھراپی ورکشاپ میں شرکت کی، یہ ورکشاپ دی مسلم بیریومنٹ سپورٹ سروس نے منعقد کی تھی۔

میرے اپنے کندھے کے مسائل کی وجہ سے میں نے اپنے دائیں کندھے سے ٹائپ کرنے کے لئے جدوجہد کی ہے اس بلاگ کو ٹائپ کرنا تکلیف دہ رہا ہے۔

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Fair Trade Ethical Ramadan/Eid ul Fitr 2024 in English and Urdu فیئر ٹریڈ اخلاقی رمضان / عید الفطر   with Sabeena Z Ahmed
Fair Trade Ethical Ramadan/Eid ul Fitr 2024 in English and Urdu فیئر ٹریڈ اخلاقی رمضان / عید الفطر with Sabeena Z Ahmed

Ramadan and Eid Mubarak to all my friends, family and fairtrade producers around the world!

Once gain here I am!

Another blessed Ramadan but one that is marred with pain and sadness.

This Ramadan my prayers and blessings are for Palestine!

This is my blog summarising my effort to support fairtrade producers and artisans during the blessed month of Ramadan 2024.

My right shoulder is very painful and prevented me from creating vlogs and blogs about Fairtrade in Islam.

Apologies in advance for any errors in the Urdu translation.

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