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The Little Fair Trade Shop

The Little Fair Trade Shop supports highly skilled artisans, suppliers and manufacturers of fair trade and naturally recycled products and resources. Our mission is to promote self-reliance, empower artisans and their local communities and give them the dignity they so rightly deserve.

The Little Fair Trade Shop is my humble aim to educate, promote and showcase the work of talented fair trade and ethical artisans and producers around the world.

It’s my personal mission to also dispel the myth that fair trade is ''charity'', and promote the principles of a living wage, self-reliance, empowerment, transparency, environmental sustainability, dignity and self-respect for all.


My fair trade journey

My fairtrade journey began September 2008 whilst studying an online distance Islamic Banking and Insurance course.

Much to my surprise I had an epiphany! A paragraph illustrating how Islam promotes the equal distribution of wealth evoked strong emotions. Stories of social injustice and disparity of earnings amongst the poorest people around the world fueled a desire to take action. In the weeks that followed I searched the internet and discovered the World Fair Trade Organization.

The need to talk immediate action was cemented when I read a life changing paper “An Islamic Perspective of Fair Trade” by Dr Laura Thaut Vinson and Dr Ajaz Ahmed Khan. To read more about my Fair Trade Journey please click on the link here.


Supporting fair trade in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom

I hope to encourage young people and readers to get involved in local initiatives and support fair trade and ethical producers around the world.

I am eternally grateful to the all of the individuals who have supported and encouraged me on this journey over the past eight years. But most of all, I would like to thank all the selfless fair trade pioneers, artisans and producers who have devoted their entire lives to benefit the lives of others. You are my inspiration, heroines, heroes and role models.

For more information about fair trade please don’t hesitate to contact me at hello@thelittlefairtradeshop.com and let’s meet for a fair trade cup of tea/coffee and delicious ethical fair trade chocolate!



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