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Fair trade very simply means social and trade justice for all! Fair trade is a simple way each one of us can make a difference through our everyday choices.


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The Little Fair Trade Blog

July 2020 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary

This month I continued to heal from surgery.

Participated in my second Plastic Free July 2020.

Was accepted on the prestigious World Literacy Foundation Ambassador 2020 Program and 

completed my Future Learn MOOC - The Power of Podcasting For Storytelling.

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Plastic Free July 2020, Dubai, UAE with Sabeena Ahmed

This is my second year participating in Plastic Free July and due to my three surgeries and Covid-19 I have found the challenge difficult.

The UAE ethical movement is still in its infancy and substitutes for products like reusable/circular feminine hygiene and natural beauty products for acne/sensitive skin are limited.

I hope to continue my plastic/zero waste journey and hope to gradually reduce my consumption of menstrual hygiene and cleaning products and learn how to make my own soap, body wash, bread, conditioner and compost my waste..

It will be a long work in progress, but I'm optimistic.

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Fair Trade Ethical Living with Sabeena Ahmed

This is my summary about how I am consciously trying to live a fair trade ethical life.

This blog illustrates the small steps I have taken to live a life free of clutter, materialism and throw away society.

It has been a natural progression from fair trade campaigner, educator and social entrepreneur to ethical consumer.


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