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Fair trade very simply means social and trade justice for all! Fair trade is a simple way each one of us can make a difference through our everyday choices.


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The Little Fair Trade Blog

My friend Joanna Smieja - Poland (Autism Spectrum Educator & World Pulse Digital Change Maker) visits Dubai, UAE

On the 17th October my friend and World Pulse Digital Change Maker Joanna Smieja came to visit me in Dubai and we celebrated Anti-Poverty Week 2017.

We had a great time and she thoroughly enjoyed her first visit to the United Arab Emirates. I hope there will be many more!!!

I am grateful to Jo for recording these interviews in English, Polish and being a great sport at teaching me Polish and learning Urdu.

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Fair Trade #LiveFair #BeatPoverty and Anti-Poverty Week 2017, Dubai, UAE

This year the World Fair Trade Organization asked for my support with their Anti Poverty Week 2017 campaign #LiveFair & #BeatPoverty.

During the week I attended a Coffee Morning organised by my friend Maryam and kindly asked ladies to support Anti-Poverty Week 2017, Dubai, UAE.

I talked about Fair Trade, Fair Trade Chocolate and Anti Poverty Week.

There were approximately 30 ladies present and I made a few fair trade friends.

I also asked my dear friend Joanna who was visiting me from Poland to model for me.

Joanna was a great sport and I am grateful for her support during Anti Poverty Week.

To read more please click here and support social and trade justice!

Thank you! Sabeena

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October 2017 Newsletter Video Blog Summary

This October I was interviewed by Voice of Islam Radio Station, London, UK.

My interview with Paksy Plackis-Chang and Impact Mania was released on Twitter and Facebook.

I presented fair trade to ladies at a coffee morning.

I finally had my surgery for my rotater cuff. My right shoulder is painful but healing.

I welcomed my friend Joanna Smieja from Poland. It was Joanna's first visit to Dubai and the UAE.

Suported Anti-Poverty Week 2017, Dubai, UAE. 

Recorded my tribute to my beloved mother for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Received my ''This Is Manchester'' tribute book.

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