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Girls compete, women empower and beautiful minds inspire! World Pulse Vision Mentor May, April, March & February 2017 Update

Girls compete, women empower and beautiful minds inspire! World Pulse Vision Mentor May, April, March & February 2017 Update

World Pulse Vision Mentor Update - May 2017



World Pulse Vision Mentor Update - April 2017



World Pulse Vision Mentor Update - March 2017




World Pulse Vision Mentor Update - February 2017



Late December 2016 I decided to apply as a World Pulse Change Maker.

I sent my application and hoped for the best.

I received a message from the World Pulse team early January 2017 to inform me that I had been selected as a World Pulse Vision Mentor.

I was surprised by their message as I didn't believe I was qualified to mentor anyone.

I said ''YES!''

As they say, the rest is history.

Joanna Smiejka - Autism Specialist, Autism Therapist, Educator, Trainer and World Pulse Change Maker Warsaw Poland

My Change Maker is Joanna Smiejka from Warsaw, Poland.

Joanna Smiejka Autims specialist, psycology graduate and World Pulse Change Maker - Warsaw Poland

Joanna is 30 years old, is double psychology graduate and an autism specialist/therapist/shadow teacher and trainer.


Joanna Smieja with her collegues Warsaw Poland

Joanna has lived with her disability and has overcome it with the support of her family, friends, peers and colleagues.

She is a ''TRUE INSPIRATION'' and would like to share her passion, her teaching to assist children with autism to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

Unfortunately, autism is an area of education which is under resourced and under funded in her country.

Joanna spent 10 months working abroad with an organisation based in California, US specialising in autism.

Joanna Smiejka - Autism Specialist, Autism Therapist, Educator, Trainer and World Pulse Change Maker Warsaw Poland

She returned to Warsaw to train as a autism therapist.

For the past two and half years she has been tirelessly working with autistic children. She also trains primary school teachers, educators, parents and interns about the best practices and approaches required to teach children with autism and learning needs.

Her Vision

Her vision is to change perceptions and mindsets about autism and learning disabilities.

She hopes that through her work she will encourage government organisations, education authorities, professionals and educators to support everyone with a learning disability.

She would like to see children with autism study and learn with their peers in mainstream schools.

Her vision is to also highlight the need that adult learners with learning disabilities should be given adequate provision and the opportunity to access employment and training of their chosen profession or industry.

It has been pleasure and an education learning about her work.

I am privileged to support her vision and cause.

Since January we have been Skyping and talking every other week and sharing ideas about the modules she needs to complete.

I wish her every success with her work and the World Pulse Change Maker Training Programme.

Please kindly read her profile and support her Story Award below.



During May I was asked by the World Pulse team Portland Oregon to evaluate 5 candidates for the Impact Leader Programme and select two strong candidates.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the candidates applications and watched their videos.

It was a difficult process and I continued to advocate for two of the ladies during the online meeting with World Pulse Training Coordinator Maya Tubon.

If you would like to read about the all the applicants please click on their links below and support them by sharing their videos and stories with friends on your social media channels.

I've listed as many candidates as I could find via the website below for your reference.

1. Edinah Masanga - Women's Empowerment Foundation for Southern Africa


2. Cecile Pauline Sanglap - Montenegro


3. Sally Mboumien - #EmpowerMeDontBlameMe Cameroon


4. Lily Habesha - Ethiopian Writers Association


5. Aramide Oikelome - Nigeria


6. Sophia Atadana - Bendowah Foundation Ghana


7. Kabdablah - Rwanda


8. Sophie Ngassa FoNsoh - STEM For Girls, Cameroon


9. Goak - Keep her in School: Underage-incest cases of young girls



10. LTuimabu - Women with disabilities  FIJI


11. Joanna Smiejka - Children with Autism Spectrum, Worclaw Poland


12. Katia Anunez, Gender Violence, Mexico


13. Lumbiwe Lulu Limbikani Gender Equality, Zambia


14. Stelz - Fistula and the Bridgender Gap Global (BGG) Organisation, Cameroon


15. Safyty - http://sayfty.com/

16. Mercedes - Domestic Abuse - Argentina


Thank you for empowering all these inspirational World Pulse Change Makers.




During May I was asked by the World Pulse team to read five applications and choose three strong candidates for the Impact Leader Cohort Program.


I returned my feedback and participated in a webinar with two other Mentors late May.


We engaged in a lively discussion and I passionately advocated for my three candidates.


I hope to learn who was awarded funds and support for the Impact Leader Cohort June/July.


I wish all the Advanced Digital Change Makers every success with their work and causes.


My best wishes and regards to everyone!




Further Reading and Links


''Why should we deprive anyone the opportunity to grow?''

World Pulse

Lilfairtrade Shop - World Pulse



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