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January 2023 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary

January 2023 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary


January 2023

This month I continued to heal from my shoulder procedure (January 2022) and am learning to live with pain in my right shoulder.

I participated in several webinars the first being the January 2023, World Pulse Changemaker Lab Live webinar about self-care.

The second webinar was organised by the Civil Society Consulting team and struggled to complete Modules 3, 4 and 5 of the Changemaker Lab 2022 Program.


Training Tuesday

Changemaker Lab Live Webinar

January 2023

World Pulse Changemaker Lab 22 - Module 6 live webinar with Sabeena Ahmed

 Changemaker Live webinar January 23


 World Pulse Changemaker Lab 22 - Module 6 live webinar with Sabeena Ahmed

Aparna hosting the Changemaker Lab Live Webinar January 2023


World Pulse Changemaker Lab 22 - Module 6 live webinar with Sabeena Ahmed

My comments at the

Changemaker Lab Live Webinar January 2022



Modules 3, 4 and 5 of the

Changemaker Lab 2022 Program


I struggled to complete Modules 3, 4 and 5 of the Changemaker Lab 2022 Program.

My right shoulder has been particularly painful.

Below is my progress.



Module 3 - Part 1 - Lessons 1 - 4 Reflection and Initiative Update

Module 3 - Part 1 Initiative Update

Lesson 1 - Techniques of Storytelling

This video presentation was hosted by Ruth Howard.

It was an introduction to story telling.

I love all of the quotes Ruth included in her session particularly the one below.

Never be afraid to share your story.

No one can tell it like you can - Tony Sorenson

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ruth and came away with a better understanding of 'how do I tell a good story.'

Keep it simple!

Keep it honest!

Tell it with heart! -

Ruth Howard

Lesson 2 - How to be a TED talker

This session was presented by Kat Haber.

It focussed on telling your story like a TED talker.

Kat is a natural story teller and I loved her voice.

It was a very informative video highlighting many areas of storytelling including:

A Shero's Journey What is your message?

Who is your audience?

What will you give them?

Common Ground

What's your big idea

What is your story?

Which story to choose? Warn or Motivate

Make your personal wins and learnings universal

Risk, Resistance, Reward

What are your visuals?

4 Principles to live by

A Halls of Happiness

What is V What Could be?

What is your call to action?

How will you make it sparkle?

BE A STAR! (Something, They'll, Always, Remember)

Thank you Kat!

Lesson 3 - Crafting a Strong Elevator Pitch

Lesson 3 was presented by Manasa and Dawn.

This video was about Crafting a Strong Elevator Pitch and What is an Elevator Pitch?

This was a very interesting and impactful video.

Dawn and Manasa explained what is an elevator pitch and the key elements of an elevator pitch.

I used the information from this video and previous lessons to write my elevator pitch.

Lesson 4 - What is a Front Line Journal

This video was presented by Corine Milano and Chi Yvonne Leina.

Review of a Frontline Journal A frontline journal is a personal, focussed and true.

It follows a specific structure to connect readers to the heart of your story - but most importantly, it is designed to galvanise action.

Quote - Corine Milano and Chi Yvonne Leina

I have included the Lead, Nut Graph, Body and Call to Action/Conclusion diagram in the video above.

Many thanks to the Changemaker team and all the Changemakers for all your patience and support.  


Module 3 - Part 2 - Lessons 5 - 7 Reflection and Initiative Update

Lesson 5 with Ana Lozano

This video recording was I hour and 14 minutes + and covered the subject of story telling techniques.

I enjoyed listening about 'tips for your assignments.' 

I chose the great angular approach for my elevator pitch, although I now feel it is far too simplistic.

I may have to re-record this video and include more details in the future.

I used the golden circle theory, why, how and what.

I need to re-read the resource links again.

I have blogged and explained my fair trade journey on my website but may need to create a concise version.

I did start an infographic timeline which is available on my website The Little Fair Trade Shop, this is dated from 2008-2017.

Lesson 6 - with Andrea Arzaba

I thoroughly enjoyed listening about how to effectively work with the media.

I loved Andrea's quote in her presented.

'Nobody will magically find your work.

You will need to promote it and nurture relationships with the media.

That will help you reach the audiences you are interested in.'


* I need to create my own personal list of journalists I would like to work with.
* I must work on my media tool kit.
* Keep the project evergreen. :)


Lesson 7 with Ms Benjamin


I love to listen to Ms Benjamin's voice.


This session focussed on communication ethics.


I learnt 'What is Ethics?, What is Communication, The Elements/Principles of Ethical Communication and the 7 Steps of verifying information with emphasis on consent, credit and share.


I thoroughly enjoyed this session it all made sense.


Module 3 - My Elevator Pitch

Module 3 Initiative Update required all Changemakers to post their elevator pitch.

My health has been a main cause of concern throughout this program and I finally managed to record and edit my elevator pitch.

Many thanks to the Changemaker Lab team for their patience and support.

Endless amount of respect and admiration to all the Changemakers I've e-met online.


Module 4 - Parts 1 and 2

Lessons 1 & 2 with Ana Lozano

This video session focussed on 'The What and the How?, Tying Your Tactics to your Goals.'

Points of Intervention and Direct Action

Points of Production

Points of Consumption

Points of Decision

I particularly enjoyed learning about Gene Sharp's Direct Action Method.

* Non violent protest and persuasion

* Non cooperation

* Non violent

I used the non violent protest and persuasion and non violent intervention to persuade an American lady and her friends to support fair trade and purchase fair trade products.


Lesson 3 with Ana Lozano

This video addressed failure, setbacks and opposition.

Ana talked about:

- What emotions and behaviours can failure trigger.

- Understand the reasons behind failure.

- She introduced Amy Edmondson's research about preventable failure and

Dealing with opposition

Identifying your opponents

Recognise their tactics

I found the deal aspect the most important area for my work and know how to negotiate.


Lesson 4

This video was presented by Dawn Arteaga and Manasa Ram Raj.

It was titled Community Building Initiative.

Dawn presented a real life example of an initiative,

'To improve public schooling options of elementary schools in her neighbourhood.'

I loved the Dress Up Brigade!

I thoroughly enjoyed this session.

Dawn is a natural story teller. 

Her voice is very calming and the video made sense.

Dawn used a quote from the lady who opened her school.

'We organised a grassroots efforts with other parents to open this school. As they say, it really does take a village.'


Lesson 5

This video was presented by Kirthi.

This session was titled applying building blocks.

Kirthi used her own initiative SAAHAS as an example.

Kirthi's vision

'To enable access to legal, medical emergency, and shelter support for survivors of GBV.'

I have the utmost respect for Kirthi and thoroughly enjoyed learning about Kirthi's application and its features.

Finally, I never thought I'd get this far. 

My right shoulder has been very painful, but, I'm determined to complete the program.


Module 5

video to be added

Lesson 1

This video session was presented by Kirthi and was titled Fundraising, Financing and Accounting.

Kirthi covered Fundraising for your initiative, Grants, Crowdfunding and Financing for Specific Projects.

The following points have had the most impact.

- Rely on professional support for quality account maintenance.

- Prioritise transparency in book keeping.

Thank you Kirthi!


Lesson 2

This video session was presented by Ms Benjamin and devoted to Grant Writing.

Ms Benjamin covered the areas of Grants v Donations, the Key Aspects of the grant writing process, the grant life cycle process and the grant writing steps.

As a visual learner I particularly enjoyed the diagrams and resource links.

Many thanks to Ms Benjamin for a detailed and informative session.


Lesson 3

This session was presented by Nuria Gracia and titled Bootstrapping.

Quote ' Bootstrapping means building a business without external financing.'

I enjoyed Nuria's personal insight into establishing and operating a business on a budget.

I will be using her quote in my work.

Know your goals

Know your role

Know your needs

Know your tools

Thank you Nuria!


Assignment for Module 5

As a social entrepreneur I was asked to talk about my business model.

I talk about the fair trade model.

During 2016 I enrolled on the Future Learn Social Enterprise 'Business Doing Good' course with the Middlesex University Business School and the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The video 'What is Fairtrade?' was recorded for the Future Learn Online Course: Social Enterprise Turning Ideas into Action, The Middlesex University Business School (2016).


Participants were asked to submit a video about their social enterprise and enter the International Social Innovation Challenge 2016.

I've posted my video below.


Future Learn: Social Enterprise, Turning Ideas into Action, International Social Innovation Challenge Logo with Sabeena Z Ahmed



I won my social pitch with two other participants, Palma Milicevic and Emma Butler and their respective initiatives.

Many thanks to Dr Sara Calvo Martinez, Jeremy Wade and all the other mentors and my peers for their votes.

I am very grateful to Dr Calvo for taking time out of her busy schedule to Skpye with me and write a letter of support for The Little Fair Trade Shop and the fair trade movement of the United Arab Emirates.


Civil Society Consulting Webinar

I happened to learn about this free online training from the School for Social Entrepreneurs Newsletter.

It was an interesting webinar and I heard from many guest speakers about how the Civil Society Consulting team had supported them.

About Civil Society Consulting Webinar

We want to contribute to making communities healthier, more equal, and more cohesive. We believe civil society organisations are the key. And we believe our role is to support, catalyse and empower them. We do this through two strands of work:

1. We provide high-quality, people-oriented consultancy services - at discounted rates.

We work with civil society organisations all over the country – big and small – to help them help their communities.  In our experience, charities, CICs, and CIOs rarely need help knowing what to do - they know their communities - what they need is some hands-on support to get it done! They need it to be high-quality, but affordable. We are a reliable source of this additional capacity. We facilitate civil society organisations to have social impact by delivering projects impeccably whilst optimising tight resources. We work in a relational way to ensure we share learning and capacity-build at the same time. Flick through our recent commissions below.

2. We run our own initiatives to support the sector, including providing free support to organisations ‘led by and for’ marginalised communities.

Organisations ‘led by and for’ communities are agile, motivated, trusted and extremely knowledgeable about their communities’ needs. These ‘grassroots’ organisations are highly impactful and resourceful. They’re a vehicle for reducing social inequality. Through our flagship initiatives, Steps to Sustainability and Steps to Recovery, we provide free consultancy support to grassroots organisations. We help the organisations grow into sustainable, resilient and effective organisations that can continue to cater for the communities they know and love: we co-produce key outputs with and for them, whilst coaching and upskilling them. Check out our initiatives below.

Credit and Source: Civil Society Consulting


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

If you got this far you deserve a huge heartfelt thanks.

Peace and blessings



Further Reading and Links

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Also in The Little Fair Trade Blog

THRIVE LDN - Great Mental Health Day Webinars January 2024 (English and Urdu)
THRIVE LDN - Great Mental Health Day Webinars January 2024 (English and Urdu)

My sister sent me links to webinars about Great Mental Health Day which took place 26th January 2024.

I am grateful to all the guest speakers and trainers who took time out of their busy schedules to talk about Suicide Prevention, Bereavement and Write to Speak Your Poetry.

Translation in Urdu

میری بہن نے مجھے عظیم دماغی صحت کے دن کے بارے میں ویبینرز کے لنکس بھیجے جو 26 جنوری 2024 کو ہوا تھا۔

میں ان تمام مہمان مقررین اور ٹرینرز کا مشکور ہوں جنہوں نے اپنے مصروف شیڈول میں سے وقت نکال کر خودکشی کی روک تھام، سوگ اور اپنی شاعری لکھنے کے بارے میں بات کی۔

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January 2024 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary
January 2024 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my fair trade friends and family around the world.

My right shoulder is still very painful and inflamed again and I have struggled to type this blog.

Despite my pain I managed to attend a webinar and record videos about PIE Community members expressing an interest to join.

I joined a couple of sessions about Mental Health and Suicide Training.

These sessions were organised by THRIVE LDN.

Translation in Urdu

نیا سال مبارک ہو!

دنیا بھر میں میرے تمام منصفانہ تجارتی دوستوں اور اہل خانہ کو نیا سال مبارک ہو۔

میرا دایاں کندھا اب بھی بہت تکلیف دہ ہے اور دوبارہ سوجن ہے اور میں نے اس بلاگ کو ٹائپ کرنے کے لیے جدوجہد کی ہے۔

اپنی تکلیف کے باوجود میں ایک ویبنار میں شرکت کرنے اور کمیونٹی کے ممبران کے بارے میں ویڈیوز ریکارڈ کرنے میں کامیاب ہو گی جو اس میں شامل ہونے میں دلچسپی کا اظہار کرتے ہیں۔

میں دماغی صحت اور خودکشی کی تربیت کے بارے میں کچھ سیشنز میں شامل ہوے۔

ان سیشنز کا اہتمام THRIVE LDN نے کیا تھا۔

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Expression of interest to join World Pulse's Powershift Inclusive Excellence Committee  (PIE) - February 2024
Expression of interest to join World Pulse's Powershift Inclusive Excellence Committee (PIE) - February 2024

During December 2023 I was invited to join the Powershift Inclusive Excellence Committee (PIE) ad hoc sub group to encourage and motivate new World Pulse Community members to join.

Despite my poor health and painful right shoulder I have recorded a video in English, edited it and added subtitles in English and Urdu.

Please kindly click below to apply as a member of the Powershift Excellence Committee.

Application Form link https://forms.gle/TUDeGiXwTtzqv4oh6

The date for the submission of the application form is the 2nd February 2024, but this date could be extended. 

I forget to mention in the video that Community members must adhere to the following criteria:

1. Applicants must be World Pulse Community Members for 2 years.

2. Applicants must be World Pulse badge holders.

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