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World Cancer Day - 4th February 2019

World Cancer Day - 4th February 2019

World Cancer Day 2019

For my beloved mother, Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano!

My beloved mother was a ‘courageous woman, she was my first school of thought, love, compassion and my paradise.’

My beautiful mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer March 2012, she was 59 years old.

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano - My beloved mother a video for World Cancer Day 2019 by Sabeena Ahmed

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano - Manchester June 2012


My Video For World Cancer Day 2019


I always want to remember Mum like the photograph below.
Happy, healthy with and that beautiful mischievous smile.

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano - a video for World Cancer Day 2019 by Sabeena Ahmed

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE - 2010


My beloved mother passed away from metastatic breast cancer April 18th 2016, she was 62 years old.

May Allah azza wa ajal (God) bless all mothers with Paradise

(Jannat-ul-Ferdose), Aameen.

My siblings and I miss her terribly.

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano at Edinburgh Castle May 2014 - World Cancer Day 2019 Video by Sabeena Ahmed

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano, Edinburgh Castle

May 2014



Hereditary Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing

and Counselling

During early January 2017 I found a lump in my left breast and immediately made an appointment to see my breast consultant. Luckily, my lump was a cyst and it was removed successfully.

Due to a history of breast and ovarian cancer in my family my consultant advised that I take the BRAC1 and BRAC2 genetic testing.

My results were normal and I do not carry the BRAC 1/2 genes. I am very relieved.

Self examination is the key to early detection of cancer and survival.

Women who have a history of cancer in the family should attend their annual mammogram and pap test.


Visiting the Doctor 

I would like to reiterate that the body goes through hormonal changes and not all lumps are cancerous.

If you notice any abnormalities in your body please make an appointment to see your General Practitioner.

If you are uncomfortable about attending your doctors appointment, mammogram or pap test alone ask a family member or friend to go along with you. 

However hard it may see at the time, talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Worrying never achieves anything and knowing that you've opened a conversation about your health is a step closer to making you better and healthier.

Before you attend your appointment make a list of all your symptoms and talk openly with your doctor about your worries and concerns.



Fairtrade and Breast Cancer

Fairtrade Pink Bobbles Breast Cancer Research Bag produced my Friends Handicraft and Maiti Nepal


I have attached a link about my humble support for breast cancer research.

The beautiful totally bobbles pink fairtrade bag supports victims of human trafficking in Nepal.


Mum was a staunch supporter of my fairtrade work and regularly supported fairtrade by purchasing fairtrade bananas, tea, coffee and chocolate.

I am very happy we visited the Hadeel Fairtrade Palestinian Shop with my sister Irem in Edinburgh, UK, together.


Mum (Amee) Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano and Irem at Hadeel Edinburgh Shop visited with Sabeena Ahmed May 2014

Mum (Amee) Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano and Irem at Hadeel Fair Trade Shop Edinburgh - May 2014


Cancer and the Asian Community

I am hoping that by recording this video I can reach out to other ladies in similar situations and Pakistani/Asian carers who would like a listening ear and some moral support.

It is my aim that the Pakistani and Asian community talk openly about cancer and support those instead of giving them a death sentence.

Cancer is a taboo subject and it's so important to dispel the myths surrounding it.

Due to the lack of support my siblings and I received after my mother passed I completed an online course 
''Talking About Cancer'' with Cancer Research UK.

I have attached a link below for those interested.




Support World Cancer Day 2019

This World Cancer Day support a cancer research organisation by volunteering your time.

Love and best wishes to all cancer patients past and present, their families and carers.

I wish you a speedy recovery and a happy healthy life.
Love and prayers for those who have lost a loved one!

Sabeena xxx


Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano with Sabeena Ahmed celebrating Fairtrade fortnight Dubai UAE 2015

Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano with Sabeena Ahmed

celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight Dubai, UAE - 2015 



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