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October 2020 Newsletter Video Blog Summary

October 2020 Newsletter Video Blog Summary

October 2020


This month I continued to heal from surgery.

Completed the prestigious World Literacy Foundation Ambassador 2020 Program and

Attended Ethical Consumer Week 2020 via virtual sessions.


Surgery (March 2020)

My surgery March 2020 - Blog about my endometriosis and PCOS by Sabeena Ahmed

For those that don't know I was admitted to hospital after a few weeks of excruciating pain in my left ovary and required urgent surgery.

My cyst was removed 17th March 2020.

My consultant informed me that the cyst had ruptured and had welded itself to my colon and left ovary. He removed the white ruptured cyst cleaned me up. but could not see any signs of Endometriosis or PCOS due to inflammation.

I was in two minds about attaching photographs of my ruptured cyst and decided against it.

Thank you to all my friends and family who sent get well messages.




This month I completed the World Literacy Foundation Ambassador with the World Literacy Foundation but have asked the team for an extension due to my surgeries.

I'm A WLF Ambassador 2020 - Sabeena Ahmed, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates


Welcome video message from the CEO Mr Andrew Kay



In 2003 Mr Kay established the World Literacy Foundation with the goal to bring books, tutoring and literacy resources to children without any support.

Since its inception it has supported over 315,000 children around the world.

For those interested here is the link to their impact page.


World Literacy Foundation Ambassador Program 2020 Quote John Quincy Adams

World Literacy Foundation Ambassador Program 2020 Quote John Quincy Adams


Ethical Consumer Week 2020

Building More Resilient Communities

 Credit and Source: Ethical Consumer UK


This October I attended the online Ethical Consumer Week Conference 2020.

I'd never attended an Ethical Consumer Conference and due to Covid 19 this event was held virtually.

This years theme was building more resilient communities.

Here is my summary of some of the sessions I attended.

I have decided to include the sessions that were relevant to me and had the most impact and were informative, engaging and fun.

The conference began Saturday 24th October and concluded Friday 30th October 2020.

Hashtag for the week was #ECweek2020.


Journey to Nourish with Mama D

The session was not recorded.

This was the first session of the week I attended.

Journey to Nourish was presented or should I say narrated by Mama D.

Mama D is a natural born storyteller and her voice was incredibly calming and soothing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this session which was a combination of spoken word, music, tactile food tasting and history of food.

WHAT I LEARNT: The purpose of the session was to reconnect with food and food legacy, how and why food arrived in the UK and to understand the relationship of food, colonialism and slavery.

Mama D was fabulous. I was quite anxious before the session but Mama D's voice has a calming nature and I felt relaxed and calm and happy by the end.

The music in the session was thought provoking and powerful.

ACTION: What actions I will take?

I will definitely take more time to learn where the food on my plate comes from and if the farmers/workers are receiving a fair wages.

I will write to Mama D and thank her for a beautiful session.

LINKS: I will also try to learn more about her organisation Community Centred Knowledge.

For those interested here is the link https://communitycentredknowledge.org/



 Reimagining Textile's Future with

Lancaster Sewing Café


I absolutely loved the team at the Sewing café Lancaster. They were so friendly and warm.

Each and everyone member of the team had a passion to reduce fast fashion consumption and support zero waste. 

The café held sewing workshops, workshops for refugees and asylum seekers, organic dye workshops, supported the seed library at Lancaster Library and held events in support of Fashion Revolution. 

WHAT I LEARNT: You can mend and upcycle anything. It was inspiring to learn and view items of clothing they had upcycled and were modelling during the session.

ACTION: I hope to contact Stiched Up in Manchester who offer sewing workshops. 

Continue with my Six Items Challenge with Labour Behind The Label for the ninth year February 2021.

LINKS: Here is the link to Sewing Café Lancaster,



How Can Urban Growing Help Tackle Food Insecurity and the climate emergency

 Credit and Source: Ethical Consumer UK

This was a fascinating session.

WHAT I LEARNT: I was amazed to learn how many urban growing initiatives there are in the UK.

ACTION:I hope to learn more about the urban growing organisations there are in Manchester and London and share information with family and friends.

When I'm feeling better I hope to actively participate and learn how to grow my own food.

LINK: FoodFutures

To read more of my reflection of Ethical Consumer Week 2020 click the link here. 


Also in The Little Fair Trade Blog

Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 (English and Urdu) with Sabeena Z Ahmed
Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 (English and Urdu) with Sabeena Z Ahmed

This year the Fairtrade Foundation organised several webinars about Fairtrade Farmers and the Climate Crisis before and during Fairtrade Fortnight 2023.

I have translated this vlog in Urdu.

اس سال فیئر ٹریڈ فاؤنڈیشن نے فیئر ٹریڈ فورٹ نائٹ 2023 سے پہلے اور اس کے دوران فیئر ٹریڈ فارمرز اور موسمیاتی بحران کے بارے میں کئی ویبنارز کا اہتمام کیا۔

میں نے اس بلاگ کا اردو میں ترجمہ کیا ہے۔

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#EmbraceEquity - International Women's Day 2023 (English and Urdu) with Sabeena Z Ahmed
#EmbraceEquity - International Women's Day 2023 (English and Urdu) with Sabeena Z Ahmed

This year's International Women's Day campaign was about embracing equity.

Sadly my right shoulder has been very painful and didn't receive the World Fair Trade Organization tool kit in time and designed my own IWD23 poster. 

I decided to write my poster in English and Urdu.

I hope I can record a video for next year.

اس سال خواتین کے عالمی دن کی مہم مساوات کو اپنانے کے بارے میں تھی۔

افسوس کی بات ہے کہ میرا دایاں کندھا بہت تکلیف دہ رہا ہے اور مجھے ورلڈ فیئر ٹریڈ آرگنائزیشن ٹول کٹ بروقت نہیں ملی اور میں نے اپنا IWD23 پوسٹر ڈیزائن کیا۔

میں نے اپنا پوسٹر انگریزی اور اردو میں لکھنے کا فیصلہ کیا۔

مجھے امید ہے کہ میں اگلے سال کے لیے ایک ویڈیو ریکارڈ کر سکوں گا۔

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February 2023 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary
February 2023 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary

This month I continued to heal from my shoulder procedure (January 2022) and am learning to live with pain in my right shoulder.

I participated in several webinars the first being the World Cancer Day 2023.

The second webinar was organised the World Pulse Changemaker Lab 2022 Program.

I participated in Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 which commenced February 27th - 12th March.

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