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January 2017 Newsletter Video Blog Summary

January 2017 Newsletter Video Blog Summary

January 2017 Newsletter Video Blog Summary


This January I met with the editor of the UAE's first online ethical website Ethical Desk Anthea Ayache for coffee and stimulating ethical conversation.

Anthea Ayache

Anthea is a pioneer in her own right and is passionate about ethical issues affecting the MENA region.

A seasoned radio presenter and journalist with an established career at Gulf News she has been working hard to establish the United Arab Emirates first ethical online website.

I wish her every success with Ethical Desk.

Anthea Ayache Editor of Ethical Desk UAE and her Sustainable Goals for Global Development meeting with The Lilfairtrade Shop January 2017

Anthea and her sustainable development goals


Anthea Ayache Editor of Ethical Desk UAE supporting The WFTO #FairtradeBreaksPoverty campaign with The Lilfairtrade Shop January 2017

Me with Anthea - #FairtradeBreaksPoverty


Ethical Dest Editor Anthea Ayache signing The Little Fair Trade Shop Guest Book - January 2017 Dubai UAE

Anthea graciously signing my guest book


Amna Al Haddad

Sabeena Ahmed with Amna Al Hadad January 2017 Dubai, UAE

I was delighted to have dinner with Amna Al Haddad.

Amna is an ambitious 27 year old and the United Arab Emirates first female weightlifter. A courageous and inspirational lady.

It was fascinating listening to her story.

I hope to see her again for coffee and cake soon.


World Pulse Vision Mentor

I had originally applied as a World Pulse Change Maker but was chosen as a World Pulse Vision Mentor by World Pulse team.

During late January I talked with Patty McNally World Pulse Mentor Coordinator in Portland, Oregon.

I also organised a Skype chat with my World Pulse Change Maker Joanna Smieja, Warsaw, Poland.

Joanna works full time as a special needs coordinator.

I'm hoping I can assist her to achieve her goal of supporting more children with special needs in Warsaw and possibly learn a few basic sentences in Polish over the next three months.


Breast Cancer Awareness and World Cancer Day 2017

Early this month I found a lump in my left breast, it was a worrying time. I quickly arranged an appointment with my breast consultant Dr Salti at the had it removed and went for further genetic testing.

I contacted the Pink Caravan UAE and the Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline in the United Kingdom for support.

I have attached my videos recorded in English and Urdu for you to view at your leisure.


Video in Urdu to be uploaded soon


Thank you for taking the time to read and keep supporting fairtrade and ethical artisans wherever you live.




Further Reading and Links

Ethical Desk (website to be launched March 2017)

Amna Al Haddad

Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

Pink Caravan UAE

World Pulse

Fairphone 2

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Kat Haber
Kat Haber

February 13, 2017

I appreciate your honest every woman communications.

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