“We love to listen to our customers and for this reason we would be delighted to hear from you if you would like a bespoke fair trade product made especially for you.”

Fair Trade Pioneer Dr Sara Parker - Fair Connections, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Fair Trade Pioneer Dr Sara Parker - Fair Connections, Liverpool, United Kingdom


It was inspiring to finally meet Dr Sara Parker who is a professor and reader at John Moores University Liverpool.

Dr Parker has spent the past 30 years researching Nepal in particular Sikles a town in Nepal and supporting fairtrade producers WEAVE in Pokhara.

She has written and designed a fairtrade puppet set for children called Fairis the Frog and established her own company Fair Connections and Fair Connections Foundation supporting local schools in Nepal.

For every fair trade puppet set purchased one is donated to a school in Nepal educating children in the most rural areas and regions.

Fairis the Frog and friend - Fair Trade Puppet Show produced by fair trade producers WEAVE Nepal

Fairis the Frog and friend


Fair Trade Puppet Show produced by fair trade producers WEAVE Nepal

Fairis the Frog and Friends


I was asked to perform the puppet show at the International Fair Trade Town's Conference Baskinta, Lebanon July 2016. Many fairtrade co-ordinators along with members from Movement Sociale watched my impromptu fair trade puppet show.


Fair Trade Puppet Show with Sabeena Ahmed at the IFTTC 2016 Baskinta Lebanon


Fair Trade Puppet Show with Sabeena Ahmed - International Fair Trade Conference 2016, Lebanon, Baskinta


Fair Trade Puppet Show with Sabeena Ahmed, Yara and Hala at the International Fair trade towns conference 2016, Baskinta Lebanon

I am very grateful to my two friends Yara and Hala who enjoyed working with Fairis the Frog, Chalak the Monkey, Chu Maya and Ram Kali.


Yara, Hala and members of Movement Sociale at the IFTTC 2016 Baskinta Lebanon

Many thanks to William Goldstein Fair Trade Coordinator Fair Trade Towns America for taking photographs of the puppet show.


The photograph below was taken by Dr Parker and posted to Instagram April 2017 when we met Manchester, UK

Dr Sara Parker and Sabeena Ahmed on Instagram via Fair Connections April 2017

Dr Sara Parker and ME!


Dr Sara Parker writing in The Little Fair Trade Shop guest book April 2017 - Manchester UK

Dr Parker writing in my guest book


Dr Sara Parkers comments in The Little Fair Trade Guest book - April 17 Manchester UK

Dr Parker's motivating comments below

''Sabeena, so lovely to actually meet you in person, feeling really inspired and must definitely come to see you in Dubai.

I'd love to come and do some workshops with you and help you inspire others to think about where their products come from.

I'm sure this will be the first of many meetings and hope you can get to the WFTO in India in November!

Keep up all your good work as well as developing your business you also need to keep up your activism!

We all know the impact we can have - let's multiply that by working that together.

Here's to a world where we don't need anymore campaigning!

Namaste! Sara



Due to my torn ligament I hope to upload Dr Parkers interviews soon.



 Dr Sara Parker Founder of Fair Connections knows Who Made My Clothes? April 2017

Dr Sarah Parker - Fair Connections


About Dr Sara Parker


Sara is a Reader in Development Studies and Level 4 Tutor for the Sociology and Criminology Sociology students at LJMU. She has worked at LJMU since 1994 and teaches modules on Globalisation and Development at Level 4, Qualitative Research methods in Level 5 and an International Field Work module at Level 6.

Passionate about participatory action research with strong research links in Nepal, Sara has been teaching in the School of Social Science since 1994. She completed her PhD on Actionaid's RELECT programme in the remote mountainous village of Sikles in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. Leading on from this she facilitated a community photography project which led to the publication of a coffee table book entitled 'Our Village Our Life Sikles in Focus' featuring photographs taken by local people. This project challenges stereotypical images of Nepal and focuses on local people representing their own reality. It brought together women's groups. youth group members and teachers and children in the local school and led to funds being raised for locally determined autonomous development projects.

Sara has also researched and published in the areas of gender and education, ageing in Nepal and more recently on the rise of fair trade in the 'Global South'. She has presented papers at the Fair Trade International Symposium in Mila, (May 2015) and is presenting a paper at the 4th International Visual Methods Conference in September 2015.

Sara's research interests are embedded into her teaching on modules such as World Development, Global Consumption, Methods and International Fieldwork modules. She has led field trips to China, Nepal and Brussels.

In addition to this Sara has recently founded a Community Interest Company, Fair Connections (Global) CIC, to develop materials and resources for the primary school curriculum on the topic of fair trade (two words!) and Nepal. She has co-written a story book aimed at primary school children in Key Stage one and two, entitled 'Adventures of Fairis a Nepali Frog'. An educational material and resources have been developed by Sara to support this story including a handmade fair trade based 'Global International Fair Trade Story Sack'. This is having a direct impact on the lives of people in Nepal by expanding the market for products made by WFTO members in Nepal. Fair Connections is providing internship opportunities for students at LJMU to develop their employability skills and gain invaluable experiences related to both ethical business and education - wee www.fairconnections.org and also a foundation www.fairconnectionsfoundation.org

She is also passionate about photography and travel and utilises a range of visual and participatory methods in her teaching, research and community engagement.




2005, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD
1994, University of Bath, United Kingdom, MSc Development Studies
1989, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, BA (HOns) Geography


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January 2024 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary
January 2024 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my fair trade friends and family around the world.

My right shoulder is still very painful and inflamed again and I have struggled to type this blog.

Despite my pain I managed to attend a webinar and record videos about PIE Community members expressing an interest to join.

I joined a couple of sessions about Mental Health and Suicide Training.

These sessions were organised by THRIVE LDN.

Translation in Urdu

نیا سال مبارک ہو!

دنیا بھر میں میرے تمام منصفانہ تجارتی دوستوں اور اہل خانہ کو نیا سال مبارک ہو۔

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میں دماغی صحت اور خودکشی کی تربیت کے بارے میں کچھ سیشنز میں شامل ہوے۔

ان سیشنز کا اہتمام THRIVE LDN نے کیا تھا۔

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Expression of interest to join World Pulse's Powershift Inclusive Excellence Committee  (PIE) - February 2024
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Despite my poor health and painful right shoulder I have recorded a video in English, edited it and added subtitles in English and Urdu.

Please kindly click below to apply as a member of the Powershift Excellence Committee.

Application Form link https://forms.gle/TUDeGiXwTtzqv4oh6

The date for the submission of the application form is the 2nd February 2024, but this date could be extended. 

I forget to mention in the video that Community members must adhere to the following criteria:

1. Applicants must be World Pulse Community Members for 2 years.

2. Applicants must be World Pulse badge holders.

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December 2023 - Newsletter Video Blog Summary

This December I continued to heal from my shoulder surgeries.

My right shoulder was very painful and inflamed again and I have struggled to type this blog.

I attended the last encourager party webinar for World Pulse 2023.

I joined the second ITC Webinar Series Export Essentials December 2023.

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