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Fair Trade Twig Eco Friendly Pencils

  • We love to save trees and these natural tamarind twig pencils are environmentally friendly and a novel way of recycling. Natural twig pencils are crafted from the natural tree branches of the Tamarind tree which is very common and prolific throughout SE Asia. The trees are farmed for their fruit and after the fruit is harvested, the branches are cut and left to dry in the sun. They are then drilled and the pencil colour is inserted. The pencil colour does not run the whole length of the pencil as this is not possible with this natural product. Produced by a small family based business in Northern Thailand.
  • Approx. Size: L 13cm x H 1cm

    Material: Wood

    As this product is handmade, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.

  • Namaste seeks to work with small scale, usually family based producers and artisans as part of their Fair Trade policy.

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